changes and a little spring spruce up

Working on a little change here over the next couple of days. Just moving the site over to a Squarespace blog (which is where I was originally and find much easier to navigate.) My blog address will remain the same. I am also preparing to leave Instagram and be a little more active in this … Continue reading changes and a little spring spruce up

a collection for April

-Nikki McClureI have Nikki McClure's brilliant calendar in my room - more for the art and message than the date tracking - and I'm not sure I'm going to ever move on from April's image, which I can see every morning when I wake up. It's like the Spirit is just waiting each day to … Continue reading a collection for April


The only part of a woman God didn't want was her mind. I wore my skirts below the knee, cultivated piety. But at night I dreamed of words that coupled and twined, bore dangerous offspring, chimeric and untamed. I woke panting, repentant, eager for sleep.


They came while he was away in the hospital tossing in a cramped room, sweating for each breath.  Pneumonia, the doctor told him and he blanched at how deep into old age he’d come.  All that was left to do was break a hip, feel his mind smooth into dementia, then he’d be gone.  Carol … Continue reading glenlivet